Juli 2018

Jürgens and Steffens work about naked cationic magnesium and calcium complexes has been chosen as cover picture on the new Chemical Communications issue. Great work!


Benjamin Freitag finished his PhD degree with a successful defense. Congratulations Ben and all the best for your future!


Juni 2018

Jonathan Eyselein changed flasks for computers and stays at the theoretical chemistry department for 6 months until he comes back to ou group for his PhD thesis.


April 2018

Jonathan Eyselein finishes his Master Thesis in our group. Congratulations, Joni!

Christian Knüpfer starts with his Specialization Module and will continue afterwards with his Master Thesis. Welcome in our group!


December 2017

Bernhard Auer finished his master thesis and will move to New Zeeland for his PhD work. Enjoy your time at the other side of the earth!


November 2017

Andrea Causero defended his PhD thesis as the final step to achieve his PhD degree. Congratulations Andrea and all the best for your future career!


August 2017

Andreas Rösch finished bis master thesis in our group and will join Prof. R. Kretschmer at the University of Regensburg. All the best, Andi!

Michael Wiesinger got awarded with the poster price of the AGIChem conference (Göttingen) for his poster about alkaline earth metal hydride complexes. Congratulations Michael, well done!


June 2017

Dr. Brant Maitland leaves our group. All the best in the future!

Christian Fischer was sponsored by the Graduate School Molecular Science (GSMS) of the FAU Erlangen to join the ICHAC-12  conference in Vancouver (Canada). His poster about bora-amidinate supported  group 2 metal catalysis was awarded with the poster price. Congratulations Christian!


April 2017

Samuel Grams and Michael Wiesinger join your group as PhD students. Welcome to the Harder Group!


February 2017

Dr. Ana Melissa Escalona Bauza joined our group.

Samuel Grahms and Michael Wiesinger finished their Master Theses in the Harder Group. Congratulations!


November 2016

Alexander Friedrich and Bastian Rösch finished their Master Theses and will stay in the group as PhD students.


Oktober 2016

Katharina Thum finished her Master Thesis and joines the group as a PhD student.

Dr. Carlos Dücker-Benfer leaves our group to work in the safety department of the FAU.


January 2016

Steffen Brand, Holger Elsen, Johannes Martin and Philipp Stegner joined the group as PhD students


Oktober 2015

Prof. Sjoerd Harder held his inaugural lecture

inaugural lecture


March 2015

Dr. Brant Maitland joined the group as post-doc.

The new orange NMR magnets arrived and are being built up.
Also new orange chairs arrived.

NMR build up Chairs


February 2015

Gerd Ballmann joined the group as PhD student.


January 2015

Two new members joined the group:

Thomas Gentner as PhD student
Christian Fischer as PhD Student


November 2014

Dr. Jens Langer joined the group


July 2014

Dr. Heiko Bauer joined the group as post-doc.


April 2014

Dr. Tom Stennett joined the group as post-doc.


September 2013

Two guests joined the group:

  • Magnus Buchner just finished a postdoctoral research project at the University of York
  • Brant Maitland is a PhD student from the Cameron Jones group at Monash (Australia) and swapped southern spring for northern autumn to work here on bulky nacnacs.


August 2013

Our brilliantly ORANGE luminescent superbulky europocene made a nice front cover for Chemistry European Journal.
Check it out!

July 2013

Markus Jurisch joined the group as a post-doc.


April 2013

Andrea Causero joined the group as a PhD student.


March 2013

Wu Xian joined the group as a post-doc.


Feb 2013

Benjamin Freitag joined the group as a PhD student.